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Brita Maxtra Water Filter Refill Cartridge Pack 3 Code S1513



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The Brita Maxtra filter cartridge with the unique Maxtra 4-Step Filtration has 20% improved limescale reduction compared to the Brita Classic cartridge. Reduces other substances such as chlorine, which affect the taste and odour in your tap water, reduces aluminium and certain heavy metals (like copper and lead) along with certain pesticides. Organic impurities are also reduced. Cleaner, clearer water for great tasting hot and cold drinks, delicious food and less limescale build up in your domestic appliances. Intensive Pre-Filtration - In a first step the water flows through a fine mesh filter. This is the pre-filtration. The mesh retains particles, which are present in the tap water. Ion Exchange Filtration - The ion exchange resin comes into action! It reduces the carbonate hardness, which causes limescale that affects the water quality and leads to a limescale build up in your household appliances. Also, levels of metals such as aluminium, copper and lead are significantly reduced. Activated Carbon Filtration - The granulated activated carbon is another step in the BRITA water filtration. It significantly reduces substances that affect smell and taste of your tap water such as chlorine, certain pesticides and organic impurities. Intensive Final Filtration - In the fourth and last step a special fine mesh filter retains the particle mixture. Packed 3.

Appliance Type Water Filter
Brand Brita
Colour White
Manufacturer BRITA GmbH
Type Kitchen Appliances
Use With Brita Maxtra Water Filter